UBSJ Email Nurture

UBSJ Email Nurture

from 750.00

Current Client / Past Client Nurture

  1. Set-up segmented contact lists in Mailchimp for past Gyrotonic clients, past Pilates clients and current clients

    • Email: "3 Reasons to Restart Your Gyrotonic Practice" to past clients

    • Email: "3 Reasons to Restart Your Pilates Practice" to past clients

    • Email: "We Miss You" to past clients

    • Email: "Returning Client Offer" to past clients

      • Email: "New Class Availability" to current clients

      • Email: "Summer Schedule"  to current clients

      • Email: "Drop-in Class Offer" email to current clients

      • Email: "What Do You Love Most About Urban Body" email to current clients

Estimated Total: $900 ($750 if contacts are already segmented in Mailchimp)

Segment List for Client?:
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