Marketing Solutions for Women in Business

Digital Marketing and Social Media Management for Small Business


Social Media Strategy + Management

Managing your social media presence takes time, and for many women in business, it's time that you don't have to spare. You can rest easy knowing that your social media strategy and daily management is in our hands. 

Our 1 year contracts come standard with content creation, community management, styled stock photos and graphics, and a $250 annual stipend, to run paid social ads for your business. 


What Clients are Saying About Social Savvy Consulting Group

SSCG is an absolute joy to work with, has become an integral part of our team, and adds great value to our brand and client success. The work is focused, strategic and collaborative. SSCG draws people in with positive and fun energy that is reflected in every conversation and engagement.
— Nicholas Adams, NINICO Communications


Digital Marketing + Content Strategy

Imagine a world where you knew every email a customer ever opened and how they engaged with it. A world where you knew exactly what post that customer clicked on, when they found your business on social media. A world where all of your content was created at least a month in advance, and you had a budget to boost your best performing social media posts, so they could reach more people who needed to see them.  

With our 1 year digital marketing contracts, this world we've described becomes your world. We strongly believe that content marketing is the best way to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business. Using HubSpot inbound marketing and sales software, we turn your website into a lead capturing machine. 


When to Hire a Marketing Consultant

Many business owners choose to manage their marketing and social media presence on their own. We fully support this idea and share tips, tools and tricks on our blog, as well as produce free marketing downloads each month, to support DIY marketing. Other business owners invest in marketing consulting as needed.

We get hired all the time to create annual marketing activity plans, write batches of SEO-optimized blog articles, create fun graphics for social media,  strategize ways to launch a new business, product or campaign, etc.

The point is, you should only hire a marketing consultant if you're ready for and open to change in your marketing and social media efforts. 



Branding + Design 

A key part of business success stems from the visual appeal of your brand, as well as the experience it creates for your customers. We make a point to design with you, rather than for you.

Our Creative Director and marketing team will keep you deeply involved throughout the brand strategy and design process.The result is a business and brand that proves its worth through customer engagement, satisfaction and purchase power. 

Ready to Invest in Marketing Consulting Services?


We're looking for women in business who are ready to embrace the process of content strategy in their marketing and social media efforts. Our interests include social media management for custom jewelry and marketing for beauty brands, wineries and membership based businesses like fitness studios. We're also particularly interested in social media management for subscription boxes. 

Your business may be a good fit for our agency if the following is true for you:

  1. You want to sell more faster - whether you're marketing a subscription box or cosmetic surgery, you're frustrated with the lack of results from managing your marketing and social media presence on your own. You're ready to grow your business with social media and digital marketing and won't let anything stand in your way.
  2. You want to use your website to reach more women customers - you get excited at the possibility of using your website to market to millennial women, new moms, girl bosses, you name it! You want your website to become a lead generating machine, so it can make you money while you sleep. 
  3. You're curious about what works and what doesn't - you've tried everything in the book and can't figure out what's a money-maker and what's a waste of time. You want to know the best way to reach women customers, from email, to social, to web.
  4. You don't mind getting your hands dirty - you're not the type of person to take a back-seat while someone else manages your business affairs. In fact, you welcome the opportunity for experts to lead the way, giving you guidance on how you can pitch in a helping hand.
  5. You're ready to grow your business with digital marketing - in the past, you may not have been ready to make a change, let alone an investment in marketing. You strongly believe that if you don't make a change right now, your customers, your employees and your lifestyle will suffer from the lack of business growth.